What is a Retread Tyre? 

When a tyre reached the end of its initial service life, whatever is left of the worn tread surface is removed and a fresh new tread is attached, giving the tyre a new life. Retread is the process that allows the tyre casing to be reused, thus extending the useable life of the tyre. 

Retread Process: 

Step 1: NDT (Non-destructive testing) inspection process 

Step 2: The buffing process 

Step 3: The skiving process 

Step 4: The cementing process 

Step 5: The filling process 

Step 6: Application of cushion gum 

Step 7: Precured tread application process (Building process) 

Step 8: The enveloping process 

Step 9: Curing Process 

Step 10: Final safety inspection 


Reduce Running Costs: 

The service life of tyre casings can be maximized through retread. With the application of our Bandag and Malaysia precured tread liners, we can provide an alternative to help you diminish operational costs by reducing the need to replace your worn tyres with new ones. 

Safety with Performance: 

Safety is our priority at Aik koon. The initial step focus on inspecting the used tyre and determining if it is eligible for the retread process. The retread process also ends with a final inspection to reassure safety without jeopardizing performance. 

Eco-Friendly & Environmental Protection: 

Compared to new tyres, retread tyres require only 32% of the petroleum resources for production. Only less than 50% of the rubber needed to make a new tyre is used in manufacturing of a retread liner. Using retread also leads to reduction in carbon dioxide emission to the environment.