Tyre Maintenance & Replacement

Tyres should undergo strict inspection before they can be determined serviceable. If any of the following deficit are discovered during the inspection process, customers are strongly advised to replace their damaged tyres for safety purposes.

The deficit are as follows:

  • Loss of structural integrity (sometimes caused by running on flat tyres).
  • Damages caused by insufficient or excessive inflation.
  • Tyre crazing (cracks) or other indications of premature aging caused by irregular wear on tyre surface.
  • Damage to the bead.
  • Exposure of cords on tyre surface.
  • Previous maintenance that are inferior in terms of quality.

Generally, customers should always be aware that functional tyres are of the utmost prioritized concerns to your safety on the road. If your vehicle wheels are in need of services or replacements for new tyres, please do not hesitate to contact our professional office personnel at 62619831. Here at Aik Koon, we are always looking forward to offer assistance on your enquiries.